Are You Ready To Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Our new social media packages are designed to meet you where you are, so you can engage your target audience effectively.

In today's digital landscape, a social media strategy is key to reaching and connecting with your customers on a deeper level.

We have 3 packages to choose from...

so you can find the package that fits your needs no matter where you are in your business!

* Automated posting of branded blogs and automated sending of a monthly newsletter is dependent on an existing, or separately purchased WordPress website. Otherwise, we will setup an email newsletter system that you may send manually, and provide complete branded blog posts by email. For more information on the purchase of a website, please contact or navigate directly to the website purchase form. 


For agent who's ready to start building their brand on social media!
$ 67
  • 50 unbranded social graphics
  • PDF How-to Guide including setting up social media accounts, captions, hashtags, and recommended scheduling calendar!


For the agent ready to boost their social presence!

$ 147 Monthly
  • Custom branded graphics
  • Social Posts Automation
  • Unbranded Blog Posts
  • Weekly Medicare Monday content


For the agent who is ready to start a more robust comprehensive marketing campaign!
$ 247 Monthly
  • Everything in Silver (Branded)
  • Branded Blog Posts
  • Monthly Branded Email Newsletter
  • Up to 5 Custom Posts
    Short Video, Graphics, Etc.
  • Onboarding Marketing Strategy Call
  • Quarterly Analytics Call

The TAIA Marketing team is thrilled to accompany you on this transformative social media journey and provide you with the tools to unleash the full potential of your brand's online presence!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be billed monthly or annually?

Bronze is a one-time payment.  Silver and Gold plans are billed monthly and can be canceled at any time

What platforms are included in the social media package?

Our monthly paid social media package covers three of the most influential and widely used social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These platforms offer diverse audiences and engagement opportunities, allowing us to create a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with your brand’s objectives. Whether you’re looking to connect with consumers, establish a visual identity, or network with professionals, our package provides a holistic approach across these platforms to help you achieve your goals effectively.

Can I review and approve the content before it's posted?

No, our content is specifically tailored to provide valuable Medicare-related information and on-going education to your audience.  Additionally, we highlight monthly awareness topics that directly relate to potential benefits covered by Medicare. This strategic content mix aims to keep your audience well-informed, engaged, and empowered to make informed decisions about their healthcare choices under Medicare.

Is there a contract or commitment period for the monthly package?

This is a month-to-month service you may cancel your service at any time.  We require a 30-day cancellation notice.

How much does it cost for an outside agency to manage your social media marketing?

Average costs range from $1000- $3,500 per month!

Did you know! The impact of social media posting can:

Increase Brand Exposure: Businesses that post regularly on social media platforms witness a 3.5 times higher likelihood of expanding their brand visibility and reaching a wider audience!

Increase Website Traffic: Effective and consistent social media posting leads to a 74% increase in website traffic, driving potential customers to explore your products or services!

Improve Lead Generation: Companies that maintain an active social media presence experience a 135% higher lead generation rate compared to those with minimal or no social media activity!

This program is exclusively for agents contracted through Trusted American Insurance Agency or one of it’s strategic partners. If you are not contracted and you would like learn more about participating in the program, please feel free to reach out 844-998-7878, or email

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