California-based FMO Says Brokers Should Prepare for Wearable Tech to Reach Medicare

Press Release: Brokers Should Prepare for Wearable Tech to Reach Medicare

The emerging trend of wearable technology in the healthcare industry is reshaping how Medicare market brokers need to advise their clients. Rosamaria Marrujo, a recognized Medicare insurance leader and CEO of Trusted American Insurance Agency, stated: “In the past five years, we’ve seen the industry incorporate wearable technology into their policies that major carriers are now adopting.”

Bipartisan Legislation to Reduce Health Care Costs Contains Clause for Broker Transparency

Lower Health Care Costs Act, What Brokers Should Know

Essentially, the Lower Health Care Costs Act is an attempt to make health care less expensive by advocating for transparency. What’s worth noting is that this bill contains a clause pertaining to brokers, specifically. Since we are still in the early stages of the bill, it is uncertain what revisions will be made, or if it will be passed. Nonetheless, remaining informed on potential changes will allow brokers to stay ahead of the curve.

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