Nationwide Home Care Plans for Seniors

We’re partnered with the sole provider of nationwide home care plans for seniors.  This session will cover frequently asked questions, empowering you to gain a deeper understanding of the product. […]

6 Mistakes Insurance Agents Make in a Sales Email

insurance agent sending a sales email

There are 6 common mistakes insurance agents make when sending a sales email that might make a lead pass up on your offer or your email altogether. To write the perfect email that will help you generate more sales, make sure you avoid these mistakes!

The Easy Formula for a Strong Insurance Sales Pitch (examples included)

The Easy Formula for a Strong Sales Pitch

As an independent insurance agent, you need to be relational, address doubts, and display your expertise in order to hook a client. Easier said than done, right? Well, here’s an easy 3-step process that will provide you a clearer framework for developing a stronger pitch to hook your clients.

Close More Sales with These 8 Interesting Tricks, Guaranteed

8 Subtle Things You Can Do to Guarantee the Sale

Would you like to close more sales with less effort? Your competitors will focus on driving home the product – like that new Medicare Advantage plan with the extra benefits. But as the experienced and capable insurance agent, you are, it would also be in your favor to stand out from the crowd using whatever tools necessary. Use these 8 subtle tricks for closing more sales today.

Why Cross-Selling is the Most Effective Way to Maximize Your Business

cross sell dvh plans, cross selling dvh plans

Did you know your success rate of cross-selling DVH plans to an established client is around 60-70%, whereas your chance of selling to a new lead is only 5-20%? Here’s what you need to know about cross-selling dental, vision and hearing plans to your existing Medicare clients.

4 Opening Lines for Selling Insurance Over the Phone

Selling Insurance Over the Phone

Confidence, charm, intuition and the perfect timing are needed for both a good pickup line and a good opening line. You have only a few seconds to transform a simple opening line into a two-way conversation, which can be daunting. So, we’ve compiled a few opening lines you can use or adapt when selling insurance over the phone.