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Uncovering Overlooked Medicare Benefits

When it comes to Medicare, there’s so much information to take in. From the parts of Medicare to when you’re supposed to sign up, it can quickly become overwhelming for our beneficiaries. In this insightful guide, we’re unraveling 15 often-overlooked services covered by Original Medicare. Whether you’re guiding new beneficiaries or seasoned clients, understanding these services is crucial for providing thorough guidance.

Wellness Visits

Upon enrolling in Medicare, new beneficiaries are entitled to a comprehensive Welcome to Medicare visit, setting the baseline for health. Additionally, Medicare covers an annual wellness visit, ensuring a dedicated checkup with the primary care physician to keep overall health on track.

Counseling for Substance Dependence

Medicare supports those looking to quit smoking with up to eight face-to-face counseling sessions annually to aid in achieving a tobacco-free life. Similarly, the coverage extends to addressing alcohol misuse with annual screenings and up to four face-to-face counseling sessions per year.

Obesity Screenings and Counseling

Make your clients aware of the coverage for obesity screenings and counseling under Medicare Part B. Individuals with a BMI of 30 or more qualify for these services.

Cancer Screenings

Highlight the importance of gender-specific cancer screenings covered by Medicare. Ensure that male clients are aware of Medicare-covered prostate cancer screenings, while emphasizing to female clients the availability of mammograms and Pap smears. Highlight the importance of regular colorectal cancer screenings, including Medicare-covered stool DNA tests and colonoscopies. Emphasize their crucial role in early detection, showcasing Medicare’s proactive support.

Depression Screenings

Seniors can undergo yearly depression screenings at no cost. If necessary, these screenings may result in referrals to mental health professionals or prescription options.

Nutrition Therapy Services

When advising your clients on Medicare options, highlight the coverage for nutrition therapy services. Those with conditions like diabetes or kidney disease may qualify for Medicare-covered assessments and individual/group nutritional therapy services.

Diabetes Management Services

Newly diagnosed individuals can access up to 10 hours of diabetes self-management training, including both individual and group sessions. Medicare also covers therapeutic shoes and inserts prescribed by an approved podiatrist for those with diabetes, addressing foot neuropathy.


Advise your clients on the importance of safeguarding against the flu through Medicare-covered flu shots, conveniently available at their doctor’s office or local pharmacy. Medicare defends against COVID-19 with vaccination coverage, including boosters, for community well-being. It also covers various tests, like at-home rapid and antibody tests. If your client tests positive with mild to moderate symptoms, Medicare covers monoclonal antibody treatments, fighting the virus and preventing hospitalization.

Medicare includes coverage for a range of vital medical screenings, tests, and services. Familiarizing yourself with the intricacies of this coverage will enable you to guide your clients more effectively in their healthcare journey, ensuring a better grasp of their individual coverage needs and options.

To help you find the best coverage for your beneficiary, we recommend downloading our FREE resource, the  Medicare Intake Form, providing an easy way to gather all necessary health and prescription drug information.

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