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2021 Broker Commissions for Medicare Advantage & Medicare Part D

CMS has released the maximum broker commissions for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D for 2021. Please note: compensation varies by carrier. The carriers are not required to pay the CMS maximum amount.

Medicare Part D Maximum Broker Commissions

In 2021, the maximum broker commission for Medicare Part D is $81/member/year (a 3.85% increase from last year, which was $78/member/year).

Renewal commissions for Medicare Part D in 2021 increased from $39/member/year to $41/member/year, a 5.13% increase YOY.

Medicare Advantage Maximum Broker Commissions

MA Plan maximum commissions for 2021 are as follows:

In the states of CT, PA & DC, the maximum initial compensation has gone up from $574 in 2020 to $607 for 2021 (5.75% increase). The renewal rates for CT, PA & DC has gone up 5.92% from $255 per plan renewal in 2020 to $270 in 2021.

The maximum rates for both CA and NJ have gone up from $636 in 2020 to $672 in 2021 (a 5.66% increase).  Renewal commission maximums for CA and NJ have gone up 5.66% in the states of CA and NJ from $318 in 2020 up to $336 in 2021.

In Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the maximums have gone up from $350 in 2020 up to $370 for 2021 (a 5.66% increase).  The renewal rates for these have gone up 5.71% from $175 in 2020 to $185 in 2021.

All other states have gone up from $510 in 2020 to $539 for 2021 (a 5.69% increase). Renewals for these states have gone up from $255 in 2020 to $270 in 2021 (a 5.88% increase).

Below is a chart of the maximum broker commissions data for 2021.

Click the chart for an expanded view.

Chart of Maximum Broker Commission Rates for 2021

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