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5 Proven Ways for Agents to Get Authentic Online Reviews

If you have not yet set up your Google Business listing so you can get authentic online reviews, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to increase your visibility in the digital world. Because many people turn to Google as their starting point for researching local agents, Google reviews may be one of the very first things your prospects use to judge whether or not they can trust you. Look at the results of this recent survey showing how many people depend on reviews in the insurance industry.

5 Proven Ways for Agents to Get Authentic Online Reviews

If you have set up your listing and sent an email blast asking for reviews, but all you’ve got are crickets chirping while you obsessively refresh your Google reviews page, we’ve got some ideas for you. You can creatively remind your clients to leave a review by gently, but consistently putting it in front of them, and making it easy for them to take action.

Implement these 5 easy ideas to get authentic online reviews.

#1 Ask after Positive Interactions

Getting a review is like making a sale – you have to be direct and persuasive. It can be as simple as “hey, have you ever left online reviews before?” Whether they say yes or no, ask if they would be willing to leave a review about their experience and that you’d really appreciate the honest feedback. To help make it easy for them, read point #2.

how to get online reviews

#2 Make Handouts with Instructions

I know what you’re thinking. This sounds like a pain, right? We’ve found a free handout generator from Whitespark that will help. You just select where you want the review and insert your business information and it generates a PDF for you to print and make copies. Give one of these to each of your clients and it will not only give them instructions, but it will serve as a reminder for them to leave that review once they get home.

5 Proven Ways for Agents to Get Authentic Online Reviews

#3 Put a Sign on your Desk

It’s not as direct, but if it’s all they have to stare at while they’re sitting there, it’ll plant the idea in their heads. (Bonus if you also place your instructions for reviews right next to it.) We know that not every agent has design skills, so we’ve gone ahead and made several signs for you to choose from. If you have the technical skills, add your company’s logo in the corner to make it branded. Then go buy one of these fancy things to put it in and set out on your desk. (If you don’t rent an office space because you work out of your home, you can still use these templates. Just make copies and leave one with your clients to serve as a reminder to leave a review.)

#4 Put a Link in Your Email Signature

Just about every email platform lets you set up an email signature block that will appear on every email you send. Your signature block should include your business logo, your name, your website, phone number, social links (if you have them), and a link to leave your review. It can be as simple as: “Did we meet your expectations? Leave a review!” and then insert the link to your review. (If you don’t know how to get a direct link to your review page, read our blog How to Get Online Reviews to Boost Insurance Sales)

ProTip: If you would like a fancier email signature that is easy to implement, there are services like WiseStamp that make it easy.

#5 Put Links on Your Website

Remember, if you want someone to take a specific action, make it simple. There’s nothing simpler than placing a link where they already are. Create a page or pop up on your insurance website that lists the links to all your review websites. If you are contracted with Trusted American Insurance Agency and use our free website services, this is something our team can take care of for you. If someone else manages your insurance website, ask for their help in setting this up.

Make it your goal to get authentic online reviews for your business regularly. It helps make you more visible online when people are searching. It helps potential clients choose you over another agent. And, it helps maintain local SEO results. Be consistent in your approach and you will get authentic online reviews.

Trusted American Insurance Agency is a National Marketing Organization (NMO) headquartered in Roseville, CA. Trusted American provides a full range of insurance and financial services products across all 50 states for all major and niche carriers, with a specialty in the Senior Marketplace.

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