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5 Tips to Protect Your Client from Medicare Fraud

As an insurance agent, it is crucial to help protect your Medicare clients from fraud. Medicare benefits are valuable, and scammers and fraudsters will go to great lengths to deceive senior citizens and gain access to their personal information or sell them unnecessary services. Here are some tips you can share with your clients to help them avoid Medicare fraud:

Protect your Medicare card:

Keep your Medicare card in a safe place and avoid carrying it around unnecessarily.

Never give your Medicare number to anyone you do not trust or who contacts you unsolicited.

Be cautious of unsolicited offers:

Advise clients to be wary of anyone who calls or shows up at their door offering free medical services or equipment.

Legitimate healthcare providers rarely contact patients this way.

Review Medicare statements:

Encourage clients to regularly review their Medicare statements for errors or discrepancies.

Promptly report any suspicious charges or inconsistencies.

Say “no” to healthcare scams:

Warn clients against falling for miracle cures or treatments not covered by Medicare.

Stick to treatments recommended by their doctor or covered by Medicare.

Report suspicious activity:

Advise clients to report any suspected Medicare fraud immediately.

They can contact their local Senior Medicare Patrol or call 1-800-MEDICARE to report fraud.

Provide support:

Lastly, remind clients that you are available to provide guidance and assistance in avoiding Medicare fraud. By sharing these tips and staying proactive, your Medicare clients can protect themselves from fraud and ensure they receive the necessary medical care without unnecessary expenses or complications.

If you would like more assistance on how you can educate your Medicare clients on protection against Medicare Fraud, please contact our agent support services at (844)998-7878.

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