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AHIP Certification for 2022

Online training opens today, June 21, 2021 for plan year 2022 MFWA (Medicare + Fraud, Waste and Abuse) Training. This CMS-required yearly training is most commonly completed through AHIP, and is required by most insurance carriers to offer their MA and PDP plans.

AHIP is a Medicare training course accepted by CMS (AHIP simply stands for “American Health Insurance Plans). The actual program required by CMS is called Medicare + Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (MFWA) training. This annual certification is required by most insurance companies in order to offer their products, especially Medicare Advantage (MA) and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDP).

AHIP continues to be the most widely recognized MFWA training, with a complete program, transparent course fees, additional education and a new streamlined online training portal.

During the MFWA training with AHIP, you’ll learn about both Medicare and Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

What You’ll Learn About Medicare

  • The basics of Medicare
  • Different types of Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug Plans
  • Eligibility and coverage
  • Nondiscrimination training
  • Marketing and enrollment under the MA and PDP program requirements


What You’ll Learn About Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA)

  • How to identify FWA
  • Overview of industry efforts to detect fraud
  • Legals tools to combat FWA
  • Understand the human & financial costs of FWA
  • Review Medicare Parts C & D FWA and General Compliance requirements
  • Who commits FWA
  • Reporting FWA, loopholes & obligations

To get started with your AHIP MFWA training, simply enroll on the AHIP Medicare Training webpage. You can login with an existing account, or create a new one if you are new to AHIP.

Once you are enrolled, you will have access to the complete course information, including real-life examples, focused review questions and self-assessment quizzes to help with better learning and retention. As of 2021, AHIP now requires that all review questions are completed before you can complete the training.

The program is available in both English and Spanish, and available 24/7 via the online AHIP training portal. Agents, brokers, provider staff, financial planners, and marketing and sales personnel are all encouraged to complete the training.

The online AHIP program comes with educational resources to help you learn and retain the MFWA material. With streamlined content modules, practical examples of key concepts, FAQ sections and required review questions, AHIP provides more than the CMS requirements to help you succeed.

You can also get trusted support and extra training by partnering with a Medicare FMO, like Trusted American Insurance Agency. We have helped thousands of agents succeed in Medicare, starting with valuable mentorship and training through AHIP certification.

Our contracted agents also get a discounted rate on their AHIP training. Get started with us today to gain access to AHIP discounts and dedicated support for your Medicare business, from AHIP training to enrollment processing and case management.

Trusted American Insurance Agency is a National Marketing Organization (NMO) headquartered in Roseville, CA. Trusted American provides a full range of insurance and financial services products across all 50 states for all major and niche carriers, with a specialty in the Senior Marketplace.

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