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How To Rapidly Build Trust With Clients

Picture this: you just finished a packed seminar and you are feeling good. You were communicating effectively. You really knew your stuff. And the best part is you got 50% of the attendees to fill out a scope of appointment form. You leave feeling on top of the world.

Now, fast-forward. You’re at a meeting with a client from that very same seminar and, suddenly, your gut sinks. They are skeptical. With every effort to connect, they put up walls. They just don’t trust you. What can you do?

Why Is It So Important to Build Trust With Clients?

As an independent insurance agent, you must know the very fabric of your business is trust and loyalty. Clients who trust you are more likely to return for renewals as well as new business. Clients who trust you are easier to cross-sell products to. And, clients who trust you are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. Suffice to say that learning to quickly build trust with clients will be the most important thing you can do for the longevity of your insurance business.

3 Ways to Build Trust With Clients

So how do you build a sense of safety, confidence, and security with clients? Well, there are many ways, but today we will only focus on three.

Avoid Jargon.

Nothing says “bad agent” more than using jargon with a client. It looks like you don’t know what the heck you’re selling. So, one of the most powerful ways to build trust with clients is by using language that they can clearly understand. This validates their concerns, makes them feel understood, and puts them at ease. To help gain trust, you should always articulate:

  • who you are
  • how you’re going to help them
  • what they’re buying, and how it works

Ask Questions.

If a client raises an objection, respond with a question, not a monologue. Clients will raise all kinds of objections during a sales meeting – especially if they’re already distrusting of you. The best response is to first, pause. Just take a second to gather yourself and think. You have no idea why they are objecting. You have no idea why they don’t trust you. So, to build trust with clients, follow up with questions to truly understand what’s going on. This will keep the conversation going, whereas a monologue is likely to bring it to an end.

Use Body Language.

Mirroring someone’s body language, tone, or energy can be a good nonverbal way to express similarities and therefore build trust with clients. Psychologists call the act of mimicking someone’s body language ‘the chameleon effect.’ When someone is casually leaning forward in their chair, imitating that action matches the person’s social environment and can build trust. It’s quirky, but it’s been proven to work!

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