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Mastering AEP: Steering Clear of These 3 Common Mistakes Made by Medicare Agents

August through December is a hectic time for Medicare Agents. Prepping for AEP, then selling the Medicare plans within 54 days takes a lot of focus, energy, and motivation. The last thing you need to worry about is making a mistake during AEP.

Here are the 3 common mistakes Medicare Agents should avoid during AEP:

Mistake 1: You’re Not Ready To Sell

If AEP comes around and you’re not ready to sell, you’re out of the game. “Ready to sell” means you have completed all of the requirements needed to sell Medicare products.

Before AEP, make sure you have:

  • Obtained an insurance license in your resident state.
  • Passed the AHIP certification (you must recertify each year).
  • Completed all individual carrier certifications.

TAIA Tips:

  • You need to pass AHIP before you can complete most carrier certifications.
  • You have 3 tries to pass your AHIP exam.
  • Each carrier has different certification processes. Double-check in your A3 portal that you are up to date with all the carriers you want to work with.
  • If you’re unsure, TAIA agents can reach out to our broker support at or call us at 844-998-7878.

Mistake 2: Waiting Until The Last Minute to Prepare

AEP requires preparation. It’s up to you to set yourself up for success, and you’ll need a few months to make sure you’re ready to serve current and new clients.

Here’s what to complete before AEP starts:

  • Contact current clients about plan changes once compliant.
  • Review your portfolio offering and diversify if possible.
  • Be prepared to discuss plan and carrier eligibility information and plan comparisons.
  • Have a sales and marketing plan ready. You can view our Marketing Resources HERE

TAIA Tips:

  • Pull your Book of Business in A3!  Know the plans your current clients have and prioritize reaching out to any who might see changes that might affect them next year.
  • Come ready to AEP with plan alternatives for those who might experience plan changes or whose needs may have changed.

Mistake 3: Incorrect, Missing or Late Information

Whether new or old, all clients deserve the best service. That includes – at the bare minimum – providing correct information, complete applications with all necessary supporting documentation, and timely application submissions.

During AEP, make sure:

  • You’re providing the CORRECT information, including:
    • Provider Participation
    • Monthly Plan Costs Submission
    • Medication Costs
    • Benefit Explanations
  • Consistently Following up and submitting applications with any necessary supporting documentation, on time. If any enrollments are not showing up on A3, please let us know by Submitting a Ticket.

TAIA Tips:

  • Download your Quoting and Enrollment Submissions Checklist guide  HERE
  • Always double-check and verify! This includes plan eligibility, the right plan, and the correct election period.
  • Review all paperwork or the digital enrollment with the beneficiary before submitting.
  • Timely application submissions (within 48 hours) are a must. This is the benefit of electronic applications – they are sent immediately.
  • If you have an appointment where you plan to discuss Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plans, make sure to always get a signed Scope of Appointment (SOA) form first.
  • Enrollment Submissions REMINDER

Digital Enrollments: PlanCompare Edge

Paper Enrollments: A3 Submissions

Although insurance agents have their work cut out for them every AEP season, the good news is that by avoiding these three common mistakes, you can focus on having your best year yet! We encourage you to save these resources and links provided in this blog for easy access during the AEP time.

 Are you prepared for AEP 2023? If not, don’t worry – our team is here to help.

Get in touch today with our Broker support services at Agents@TAIA.US  and let us know how we can assist you in preparing for the upcoming open enrollment period. 

Don’t let the marketing overwhelm you! The TAIA  marketing team is on hand to help you strategize your AEP.  Contact the team at Marketing@TAIA.US to schedule an appointment.

Trusted American Insurance Agency is a National Marketing Organization (NMO) headquartered in Roseville, CA. Trusted American provides a full range of insurance and financial services products across all 50 states for all major and niche carriers, with a specialty in the Senior Marketplace.

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