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Going the Digital Distance: Tips from a Real Agent

Staying connected with your clients is key for any insurance agent or agency. So how do you do that successfully in the COVID age when face-to-face interactions are limited?

We met with one agent who has been able to go the distance (digitally) and earn glowing reviews and ongoing referrals from her clients since the start of social distancing.

Read on to find out her top tips for successful client management in a virtual environment, as shared by Dolores Cogliano of Trusted American Insurance Agency.


Always Be at the Other End

  • “Earning the trust of clients is key. Earning trust isn’t easy, but doing so pays off in referrals and easier enrollment conversations.”

When your clients cannot come in to see you, it’s even more important that they can reach you via phone, text and email. Stay available and respond quickly to messages, even if it is just to confirm receipt or schedule a time to discuss further together. Be flexible on your hours to meet your clients’ schedules, even if it means taking a meeting “after hours” on evenings and weekends.

Have a solid website and all social media channels established, so that your clients can find you online easily and quickly. Keep up your marketing with automated email campaigns and regular check-ins to stay top of mind. Having your professional headshot included on your email signature, website and marketing pieces can help as well with building recognition and giving a personal touch to communications.


Spend Quality Time with Each Client

  • “[Spend] quality time speaking with each client to learn as much as possible about their individual circumstances.”

The more you can get to know your clients, and vice versa, the better you will be able to help them, and the longer they will likely stay with you as their insurance broker. Use a video chat when possible to talk with clients, especially for their initial meeting(s). This gives them the ability to see you and take in non-verbal cues that get lost during phone-only conversations.

Remember to accommodate for varying levels of technology capabilities. Especially with aging generations, like the Medicare crowd, it can be difficult for clients to use cell phones and computers. Provide multiple options for your clients to connect, and stay flexible on your preferences to allow for clients to choose what is easiest for them from phone vs. video meetings, paper vs. electronic signatures, etc.


Share Complete & Accurate Information

  • “[Share] complete information and [educate] clients on the complete… program.”

A major part of our role as insurance agents is to help clients make educated and empowered decisions in regards to their healthcare coverage. Stay educated and up-to-date in the marketplace, so that you can be prepared to help your clients understand everything from plan differences to how to sign up to how to submit a claim.

Have educational materials ready and available for your clients. Flyers, infographics and FAQ’s can help you save time and educate your clients outside of direct conversations. Record a video presentation to help explain plans and walk through quotes instead of just sending a document or written explanation. Be available for questions after sending information too, so that your clients can rest assured they understand everything correctly.


Whether you are an independent agent or a bustling agency, virtual communication is essential and is here to stay. By staying available, staying flexible and being prepared, you can go the digital distance and stay connected successfully with your clients in this brave new post-COVID world.

Trusted American Insurance Agency is a National Marketing Organization (NMO) headquartered in Roseville, CA. Trusted American provides a full range of insurance and financial services products across all 50 states for all major and niche carriers, with a specialty in the Senior Marketplace.

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