How to Introduce Yourself in a Captivating Way

Elevator Pitch with Scripts for Insurance Agents

Generally, people think an elevator pitch applies only to salespeople pushing a product, but it is also a highly valuable tool when introducing yourself. As an independent insurance agent, you are not really selling a policy. You are selling yourself as an invaluable asset to advise clients in their insurance solutions. So how do you turn “I’m an insurance agent” into something more exciting that will engage prospects? Let’s break it down.

8 Proven Tips For a More Professional Voicemail Greeting

8 Proven Tips For a More Professional Voicemail Greeting

Recording a professional voicemail greeting as an insurance agent seems easy at first, but it’s easy to overlook some things that might end up turning prospects away. A professional and informative voicemail greeting can boost your credibility and invites whoever’s on the other end to continue the relationship. Here are 8 helpful tips, and 3 scripts, to help you get started.

4 Opening Lines for Selling Insurance Over the Phone

Selling Insurance Over the Phone

Confidence, charm, intuition and the perfect timing are needed for both a good pickup line and a good opening line. You have only a few seconds to transform a simple opening line into a two-way conversation, which can be daunting. So, we’ve compiled a few opening lines you can use or adapt when selling insurance over the phone.

What Should an Insurance Agent Wear? Definitely not that.

What should an insurance agent wear

What should an insurance agent wear? Well, did you know that there is scientific proof that the colors we choose to wear have an effect on the first impressions we make? This means if you dress in just the right hues, you’ll have a higher chance of being successful in a client interaction.

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