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Using Facebook to Market Your Medicare Insurance Business

In today’s digital age, it is important to keep up with the tech-savvy millennials, which is why many baby boomers are now using apps such as Facebook. In fact, 62% of elders 65 and older are using Facebook regularly, making it an ideal opportunity for your Medicare marketing.

With the ease of social media tools like Facebook, agents are now able to announce their plans and products to their target audience easily. But before you go rushing to create a new Facebook page for your business, consider the tips in this resource so you can maximize your efforts.

How to Create Your Facebook Business Page

  1. Log into your Facebook Account
  2. Go to
  3. Select the “Business or Brand” Option
  4. Name Your Page
    1. We recommend naming your page by your company name or your personal name (ex: John Smith Insurance Services)
  5. Select the Category “insurance broker”
  6. Upload a cover photo and profile photo
    1. We recommend using Canva to create your background photo.
  7. Go through your page settings and select the options you want
  8. Add your services and your booking schedule (optional)

Why You Should Improve Your Presentation

Good presentation tells your audience a story of who you are. When clients look over any social media page, they are forming an instant opinion of you and your business. They look over your logo, your page content, how friendly you seem, your website, and your testimonials. This first impression can either lead to new business, or a prospect who will find someone else to handle their Medicare needs. In fact, brands have reported a 23% increase in revenue when there is consistent brand representation. So make sure you are choosing appealing, eye catching images, be sure to stick to your brand colors, and be consistent in your presentation.

Pro Tips for Managing Your Facebook Page

1. Make it easy to contact you.

Your logo should be easy to read and easy to recognize. Make sure you include your website, phone number, and e-mail somewhere visible.

2. Post consistently.

This doesn’t mean you have to post every day. It could be posting only 2x a week, or only on Fridays. The key is to keep putting yourself in front of your customers consistently. So make a schedule and stick to it.

Looking for social media marketing ideas? Check out this post.

3. The simpler the better.

Nowadays, people don’t really want to read 3,000 word articles. When wanting to post about your business, make sure to keep content simple in order to not confuse or overwhelm potential clients.

9 Ways Facebook Is A Good Resource For Your Medicare Business
  1. Set Appointments with prospective clients through Facebook’s scheduling tool
  2. Share testimonials from current clients
  3. Post reviews left by previous clients
  4. Share blogs relevant to Medicare industry
  5. Follow up with your clients on Facebook messenger to increase your retention rate
  6. Create self-made blogs in regards to recent news, from articles, new stories, and blogs.
  7. Promote your involvement in the community by sharing pictures.
  8. State that you are a licensed agent, include terms used in Medicare industry
  9. Post weekly questions from previous clients

Trusted American Insurance Agency is a National Marketing Organization (NMO) headquartered in Roseville, CA. Trusted American provides a full range of insurance and financial services products across all 50 states for all major and niche carriers, with a specialty in the Senior Marketplace.

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