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7 Simple Sales Tips for Introverts that are Actually Effective

Landing sales when you’re an introvert is….hard. Maybe you feel out-of-place because working in sales can be really competitive. This industry also requires you to be persistent and comfortable leaving your shell. It’s a struggle. I get it! From one introvert to another, here are 7 effective sales tips for introverts that work!

Sales Tips for Introverts You Can Try At Home

Start building your confidence outside of the sales atmosphere.

Practice skills that require you to put yourself ‘out there’ on a daily basis. This can be behaviors like saying “hi” to people you see during your routine. Even though the people you’re saying “hi” to probably aren’t going to instantly buy insurance from you, these types of interactions can work to slowly boost the confidence of introverts in sales. This makes it so that the actual sale seems less daunting. Force yourself to be in public on a more regular basis and client interactions will become a breeze. 

Do some snoop work.

Identifying as an introvert means you probably have a predisposition to quiet observation, or “people watching.” This offers you the unique opportunity of being Sherlock Holmes during pitches. Look for clues or data that might help you figure out how to make a sale by observing your client’s life and habits. Do they have kids? Are they married? The goal is to leave a resounding mark on your client by showing them you care about them as an individual. 

Be authentic.

Don’t try to force a personality that just isn’t you! Clients can usually tell if you aren’t being entirely authentic, so let some of your personality shine through. They will want to know that the person pitching them a sale is an actual human being with quirks and strengths rather than a cold-calling robot that is just there to make some money. 

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Sales Tips for Introverts to Execute with Clients

Reward yourself with breaks.

It sounds silly, but this is a sales tip for introverts you don’t want to skip. It’s incredibly important that you acknowledge your limits and reward yourself with breaks to re-energize. I know we’re usually taught to grind until there isn’t anything left. When it comes to introverts, though, we definitely have limits that need to be respected. Stay at home for a bit and recharge yourself! Self-care is vital in learning how to make sales as an introvert, especially if you’re putting yourself out there every day. Condition yourself to accept when you’ve worn yourself out and need a break. 

Practice speaking in front of people.

Ok, I know this one might just sound like torture. However, practicing your speaking skills in front of groups of people can work wonders for your confidence. After all, once you can present to an intimidating group, a one-on-one would feel like a breeze! So, find a supportive group nearby that allows you to practice delivering messages to larger audiences. Even better, orchestrate a seminar to get a feel of what selling to big groups of people is like. 

Practice active listening.

One of the simplest sales tips for introverts is to practice actively listening to clients. This will allow you to offer them more of a personal experience, which leads to better client retention. Rehearsing a one-note pitch that may or may not apply to the person at hand isn’t the way to go. Your client wants to know that you’re listening and engaged with their perspective and can tailor your sales-experience to them. 

The Bottom Line…become passionate!

Excitement and engagement are key components of making sales. Showing your clients that you care and are excited about the things you’re talking about lets them know that you’re invested in their wellbeing. This also lets your clients know that you aren’t caught up in how you are being perceived. Whether you are introverted or not, that passion can make a huge difference in landing a sale. So when in doubt, let that passion show. 

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