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Why Partner with an FMO

Why Partner with an Insurance FMO?

As an independent insurance broker, or a new insurance agent looking to start selling Medicare, you have many pieces to managing your business. From training and certification to carrier contracting

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how to get medicare leads

10 of the Best Ways to Get Medicare Leads

Whether you are a new agent fending for yourself or you’re an established agency trying to get Medicare leads for your brokers, you need strategies that work. After more than 15 years in the business, we can confidently say we have seen the following 10 tactics successfully bring in new Medicare leads.

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insurance agent sending a sales email

6 Mistakes Insurance Agents Make in a Sales Email

There are 6 common mistakes insurance agents make when sending a sales email that might make a lead pass up on your offer or your email altogether. To write the perfect email that will help you generate more sales, make sure you avoid these mistakes!

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senior man in telehealth appointment with doctor

Is Telehealth Coverage Here to Stay?

COVID-19 has caused many obstacles for seniors. For one, many seniors did not, and still do not, feel comfortable with going to the doctors because of the high potential risks of being infected. Telehealth, a “technology to support long-distance clinical healthcare” (HealthIT), has now become the new normal for many seniors.

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