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CEO Discusses Market Resilience from 16+ Years as a Medicare Industry Leader

An in-depth article, featuring insights and advice from insurance CEO, Rosamaria Marrujo, discusses how significant changes to the Medicare health insurance industry over the past 15 years have taught her to be agile and resilient in this ever-changing marketplace. According to Marrujo, who is also a board member of the Sacramento Association Health Underwriters (SAHU), brokers in this industry must be quick to find creative ways to bring value to their clients despite constant legislative changes if they want to be successful.

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Press Release: Brokers Should Prepare for Wearable Tech to Reach Medicare

California-based FMO Says Brokers Should Prepare for Wearable Tech to Reach Medicare

The emerging trend of wearable technology in the healthcare industry is reshaping how Medicare market brokers need to advise their clients. Rosamaria Marrujo, a recognized Medicare insurance leader and CEO of Trusted American Insurance Agency, stated: “In the past five years, we’ve seen the industry incorporate wearable technology into their policies that major carriers are now adopting.”

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Selling Insurance Over the Phone

4 Opening Lines for Selling Insurance Over the Phone

Confidence, charm, intuition and the perfect timing are needed for both a good pickup line and a good opening line. You have only a few seconds to transform a simple opening line into a two-way conversation, which can be daunting. So, we’ve compiled a few opening lines you can use or adapt when selling insurance over the phone.

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The Kind of Insurance Marketing that Never Fails

The Kind of Insurance Marketing that Never Fails

Digital marketing may be the way of the world right now, but the classic methods can still hold a candle! Instead of overwhelming potential clients with savvy ads, let your authenticity show and watch the customers come to you.

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How is the Gig Economy Shaping Insurance, TAIA Blog

How is the Gig Economy Shaping Insurance?

With the rise of apps like Uber, Airbnb and more, what changes should agents and consumers be aware of when it comes to adequate coverage? Does working for on-demand jobs make someone an employee? Who carries the risk in a sharing-economy?

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