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National Immunization Awareness Month

Happy August Brokers! AEP is fast approaching, and we are here to help you prepare!  Considering this month’s focus on Immunization Awareness, we want to ensure you’re well-prepared with the

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Brand New Day

Join us for a 2024 FIRST LOOKS, hosted by Sheri Hernandez Come join us for an in-person Brand New Day training hosted by Sheri Hernandez, and get your 2024 FIRST

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New CMS Rule Changes

CMS Issues New Rule Changes Effective on September 30, 2023 Discover key highlights of the latest CMS rules that are set to take effect as of September 30, 2023. Stay

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2024 CMS Rate Announcement

2024 Medicare Advantage Commissions have been announced. Commission increases will take place for 2024 Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D sales per the announcement by the Center for Medicare and

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Capitol Life Carrier Training

July 20th @10am PST/1PM EST Expand your portfolio with Capitol Life! Get updates on important information on: Med Supps OTS Underwriting Cash Bonus Program And More Register Here

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